Fishing The Oromocto River, New Brunswick

oromocto-river-marinaAbout the middle of August 2011 fishing buddy Casey and I went to Oromocto for a day of fishing. I’ve lived in New Brunswick for 30 years and have never been to Oromocto so I was excited.

You can see from the image above that we started with a clear calm sunny day. Great conditions for catching a few smallmouth bass in the Saint John and Oromocto rivers.

As long as I can remember I’ve said it’s better than sitting in my office working. Heck I can do that when it’s dark or not the best conditions for fishing.

The drive was a quick drive as we spent the time telling fishing stories. All of them true I’m sure.


We left Moncton around 5:30 while it was still dark. The air was refreshing and cool at about 15C. It had been a really muggy night, hard to sleep.

sunrise-oromoctoCasey said ‘There’s the sun coming up behind us’, so I picked up my trusty camera and snapped a picture in the my side mirror.

Then of course I saw bright yellow spots for the next five minutes. Maybe next time I won’t look right into the center of the sun.

I was hoping it would be light before we passed the Cannan on highway 2. I like to see what the water is like there.

headingintothefogAs we were getting closer to the Cannan river bridge we saw this giant mountain of fog in front of us. The two vehicles in front of us just disappeared into it.

Maybe I was only going to be getting a picture of a big fog bank on the river this time around. Still that makes for a good picture as well.

cannan-riverWe drove through the fog and up the hill. As soon as we reached the top the fog was behind us.

It was all clear on the Cannan river and as you can see in the image it was calm and was reflecting the sky like a mirror.

We always love looking out there on our way fishing elsewhere. It’s great to see the calm water. We’ve even seen smallmouth bass jumping at this location but we were heading to Oromocto today.

It wasn’t long before we turned off highway 2 for Oromocto, navigated a couple of traffic circles and then we were at Phil’s Auto And Recreation where we turned down towards the boat launch.


I noticed Phil’s had a lot of recreational boats and supplies and Casey told me he carries a lot of bass fishing supplies upstairs.  We would stop in if we didn’t leave fishing too late.

The boat launch was great. Lots of space to back down the concrete launch and easy to float the boat off the trailer. We were on the water fishing by 7am.

I can’t believe I’ve lived in New Brunswick 30 years and this was my first trip to Oromocto. Thanks to Casey I’m visiting new places just like that.

It’s great to have a fishing buddy that knows so many great places for fishing.

This is a fisher and boater’s paradise as the rivers are beautiful and the scenery is great to look at.

Donkey Sighting But No Lamas Today

donkeyMy last trip to the Saint John river was at Jemseg where I spotted a lama rolling in the dirt along the river bank.

Didn’t see a Lama this time but as we were going past a big island with cattle and horses I saw a donkey walking calmly along the river bank.

It didn’t pay much attention to our boat or me trying to get a picture. It just kept walking like it has somewhere it needed to get to.

Then I turned my head for a second and when I looked back the donkey was gone. Oh no I can see it’s feet sticking up in the air waving at us.

Or maybe it could have been rolling in the dirt to get flies and mosquitoes off it.

A few minutes watching this guy feel better and it was back to fishing.

There is an airport in Oromocto and a few times planes came out of nowhere either taking off or landing. We saw a lot of cool looking planes and at one point we saw four black helicopters fly over our heads.


We had a great day on the water and even caught us some smallmouth bass. We do practice CPR when it comes to fishing which is Catch, Photo and Release.

And that ended our day on the water at Oromocto New Brunswick.

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