A Beautiful Autumn Day on the Water at Mactiquac, New Brunswick

canadagooseMy fishing buddy Casey is on a muskie fishing adventure at the moment with the muskie club he belongs to . I wish him and his partner for the day Ron the best of luck. Would be nice to see Casey with a first place prize.

A week ago today, so last Sunday, we headed to Mactiquac to fish The Arm for some muskie. Even though we didn’t get any muskies we had the best day on the water with lots of sun and zero clouds.

100_0416A great way to end September. I guess I should add that I caught and landed the only fish which was a fat little smallmouth bass which was gently returned to the water.

The drive was gorgeous with lots of colour changes happening in many of the trees along the way plus there was fog in most of the low lying areas making from some great shots without any fog on the road. Some fog was following the roads crossing bridges above our heads, which looked very cool.


Between the time we left my house and the time we arrived at the boat launch I had already taken 136 pictures of leaves changing colour, water reflections and fog that we saw along the way.

Some Memories Along The Way

We already had leaves starting to change colour here in Moncton but as soon as we were out of Moncton where the road sides are lined with trees we saw a whole lot more colour going on. This is when I like having someone else do the driving so I can take pictures.

Leaving Moncton Heading For The TransCanada Highway

Berry’s Mill road heading to the TransCanada highway with the sun rising behind us. It wasn’t long before we were crossing the Canaan river bridge. I take a picture every time we pass over this river. Love seeing it when the water is like a mirror.


On the way back home Casey laughed as we crossed this bridge again and said ‘There’s picture 139 of the Canaan river’ which is probably right on as I take a picture every time we go over this bridge. I have pictures of one side in the morning and the other side in the evening.

Fog In The Lowlands

We passed a lot of fog on our way but didn’t have to go through any that was on the road which is just the way I like it. All the beauty without the danger.

As we were zooming along past Oromocto and Saint John river we could see that the fog was a thick cloud on and over the river making a definite separation between the trees. We don’t usually see anything here but trees.

Easy to see where the river is when there’s fog

The Mactaquac Turn Off For Highway #102

Greeted By The Sound of Canada Geese Sounding Off In The Fog

canadagooseAs we were driving over the dam I looked down to my right, way down, and there was no fog at all but to my left the water had a big cloud of fog going from shore to shore.

We arrived at the launch, got out of the truck and immediately hit by the sound of silence. Complete silence isn’t something most people ever get to enjoy so it’s a special thing in such a noisy world.

We heard another truck with a boat come in behind us and then it was back to total quiet well until we heard the honking of a Canada Goose. Then there was honking about every 10 seconds until a lone Canada goose floated out of the fog into view.

We still hear more honking as a second goose exited the fog, then another and yet another goose. I think they were sounding off to keep in touch with each other when they couldn’t see each other. When they were all in view there were four geese all just a few yards from each other in single file.

canada geese in the fog

We chatted a bit with the other two guys seeing what they were up to for the day and then we launched Casey’s boat into the fog.

The fog didn’t last long and less than an hour the only thing left of the fog was some mist floating over the water like in the image below.


looking through culvertThis is one of the culverts that allow us access to The Mactaquac Arm and was kind of cool going through to the other side.

When we first started fishing the water was very calm with not a whisper of a breeze blowing. Very pretty everywhere you looked with lots of trees and cottages reflecting in the water. Like the hidden cottage in trees reflecting in the water.



Even though it didn’t get windy it wasn’t long before a breeze was on the water and the great reflections disappeared. However nothing was going to stop the colours that had already begun showing on the trees.


We only saw a couple of boats on the water all morning. The two guys that arrived at the same time we did and another that had launched further up from us. After lunch when the temperature was higher other boaters appeared on the water. People wanting to get in just one more day before it would be too cold.

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