Canada Day 2011, Moncton New Brunswick

Canada Day Fireworks Finally [Woodbine Beach]

Image by Delfi Jingles via Flickr

I hope you enjoyed your Canada day friends, we sure did.

My day started at 4am with a bowl of home-made granola, a banana and a big cup of strong coffee. Then at about 5am I headed our from Moncton for a day of chain pickerel fishing in the Chipman, New Brunswick area.

The scenery was gorgeous as usual and to make it even better the weather was perfect where we were even though it poured in Moncton and Riverview.

We got back in enough time to see the fireworks but I was just way too wiped for the long day of fishing with Jamie but I am lucky enough to have been able to enjoy it from my bedroom window. I just layed back in my comfy bed and watched the explosions until I drifted off to sleep dreaming of the day’s fishing and the fireworks.

I may not have been there at the seen scene to take any video but others were so here is a nice long video of the Moncton Canada Day fireworks, enjoy.


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