A New Brunswick Day Trip With Family And Camera

steve and bri and myrtleOur son Steve moved from Moncton to Saskatchewan a couple of years ago to get a job in his field. We have only seen him using Skype so it was great news when I learned he and his fiancée were coming home for a two week visit.

He wanted it to be a big surprise for Jenny (him mom) so I kept the secret for months. So many times I almost let it slip… but I didn’t.

He has been showing off his best girl Bri none stop and taking her to all his best spots. We all went for a day trip last Friday to see some of the sites we love to see like Fundy National Park, Dennis Beach and the Underground lake.

Snapped A Family Photo Before Heading Out

Started With The Underground Lake

underground lakeThe last time Jenny and I were at the Underground lake off she was actually pregnant with Steve, almost 30 years ago. The Underground lake is on a road that is off the Albert Mines road which is just past Hillsborough if you’re coming from Moncton heading in the Fundy Park direction.

I have to say that it was a whole lot easier to get to 30 years ago, even though Jenny was 7 or 8 months pregnant at that time. Since then the path has never been taken care of and has eroded to the point it is dangerous. Team work and helping the ladies through the rough spots made it doable.

heading in to the caveWe made it to the Underground lake. As you can see we are now entering the mouth of the cave. It has been almost 30 years since Jenny and I were here and I’m thinking now that we are both 60 it may just be our last time.

We are now remembering muscles we had forgotten we even had.

Steve helped Jenny and Bri down to the mouth of the cave. Fortunately there are some ropes to hold as you go down but they were we and muddy making it tough to hold on but they made it safely as you can see. I stayed up top for a few minutes to take some photos of them getting down there.

underground lake photo

I snapped a few photos inside the cave but of course it was pitch black in there and our flashlights didn’t help much so I found it hard to get a focused image. Should have brought my float-tube so I could have gone further in.

Then it was back to the car to head to our next adventure…

slide fire escape… next stop was the old school at Riverside Albert. You don’t see old style schools like this much anymore. The school even has a separate entrance for boys and girls at opposite ends of the school. Plus they have two old style tube slides as fire exits. Loved those as a kid many moons ago.

We looked around and then just took a little time out to play on the merry-go-round thingy. Bri and Jenny took a few minutes to use the swings and then it was on to the Crooked Creek lookout.

Just before we left the school I thought it would have been cool to take a slide down from the top just for old time sake. It has been 40 years or more since I slide down one of these old fire escapes.

Crooked Creek And The Lookout

crooked creek lookoutThe Crooked Creek lookout is at Riverside Albert and just two minutes from the old school there and such a gorgeous spot to look out over the creek and surrounding hills. I visit this lookout a lot and in the 30 years I have lived in New Brunswick I have never gotten bored with the view.

The photo on the right is zoomed in on a section of Crooked Creek which we drove to after leaving the lookout.

This is one of the first locations I fished when I visited New Brunswick back in 1974. Lovely trout in this brook.


In the image above you can see the spot I zoomed in on for the previous image. It’s about 2 kilometers away.

walking through the treesSteve drove as far down the old road that follows the river as we could go. Rains had washed out the road around a culvert and our rental car was too low to the ground to get over it so we walked the rest of the way to the spot we wanted to see. Beautiful road with plenty of trees shading us as we walked.

As we walked we could see the creek and hear the water which is such a nice sound. The spot we were walking to was more opening and we didn’t have to walk through the forest to get there.

crooked creek
Crooked Creek – Riverside Albert

After little bit of skipping stones and exploring we heading on to our first visit to Dennis Beach off Route #915

Our First Time At Dennis Beach

dennis beachSteve used to tell us how much he and his friend Robin loved Dennis beach but Jenny and I had never even seen it. We always went to Cape Enrage and then on to Fundy Park so he took Bri, Jenny and myself to Dennis Beach and it was amazing.

By the time we arrived it was already quite hot and from the top of the cliff we were on we could see mist coming off the wet sand. Very cool but hard to get in a photo from this height and distance away.

We parked at the top of a high sand and stone cliff where we had a choice of taking the easy way down or to go down the cliff. We all decided to go down the cliff. I went first and once I was done I had wished someone had taken a video because it was so much fun and just a tad risky.

Steve came down next but at only half the speed I went down. Then Bri slide down on her behind while Jenny stood up and followed her down… very slowly. Very very slowly. I guess you ladies as well as 60 year old ladies shouldn’t try running down this cliff side.

steve coming down cliff

I got a few shots of Steve flying down the side of this rather steep hill but could only get half the hill in the shot but I am sure you can see how this could be a lot of fun as well as a little scary looking down from the top.

bri and jenny going down the cliff
Bri on her butt and Jenny walking behind her.

I personally enjoyed this beach more than any other beach I have been on in New Brunswick but for me it’s all about the scenery and beauty.

The tide was fully out and mist was coming up off the hot wet sand which is where Bri and Steve headed immediately as Bri has never seen or been in the ocean. She is from Saskatchewan and it is a long drive to any ocean.

dennis beach at low tide
A long walk when it’s low tide at Dennis Beach

jenny eatingI was more intrigued by all the rock formations and the stony parts of the beach. Plus a few years ago Steve had taken a some photos of a little waterfall coming down over the rocks so I knew that was where I wanted to go.

Jenny decided it was a great time to sit on a rock for a few minutes so she could eat something to build up her energy reserves.

Within a few minutes Jenny as well as Steve and Bri looked like little dolls on the beach. I zoomed in on Jenny and hollered load enough to get her attention so she would look my way.

waterfall dennis beach

tide coming inBy the time we were done exploring the beach, rocks and cliffs the tide had started coming back in again which always stirs things up in the water making it look like a big chocolate drink. Mmmm

Bri and Steve got to the ocean just before it changed direction so they got to see it while it was still clear water.

We still had a big part of the day left and needed to be on our way to Fundy National Park so Bri, Steve and Jenny climbed way up a huge rock formation to wave goodbye.

leaving dennis beach

Well that was a big part of our day but I think this post is a bit long so the rest will be in the next post telling you how our trip to Fundy National Park was.


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