A Day of Fishing And Riverside Beauty

casey's striperMy friend and fishing buddy Casey heard they were catching lots of striped bass on the Richibucto river at Rexton, New Brunswick.

We weren’t able to drop everything and head there immediately. It took us a couple of days so when we got there the stripers, most of them, had already moved up river.

We both managed to catch a couple of stripers each and the fact this was my first time striped bass fishing I was very happy just to get one so I could see it up close. Very cool looking fish. My wife saw the picture and said, ‘it has stripes.’. She’s so cute.

Beautiful Richibucto River Bank

eroding river bankWe spent the day trying to find the stripers but I didn’t just sit there wondering. I had my camera and took lots of pictures of the beautiful surroundings. By the end of our day I had taking almost 600 pictures and used up two batteries, rechargeable of course.

I have fished a lot of places in New Brunswick but have never seen rocks eroding in this manner. Makes for the ideal shoreline for striped bass and lots of pictures.

Even though I have lived in New Brunswick for more than thirty years I have never seen a lobster boat on the water dropping lobster traps. At one point we were so close to the boat I could have easily snagged a trap with my fishing line.

lobster boat
Lobster Boat Richibucto River

seagullsWe saw plenty of seagulls flying around and bobbing on the waves. At one point I was bringing my line in because I had weeds on it. The seagulls thought it was dinner and started diving towards it. They never actually hit the water. As soon as they realized it was weeds the turned away. Was fun watching them.

Seagulls don’t take long to realize there’s a free meal because when one seagull thought he was bait fish on the surface he wasn’t along for long. They just seemed to appear out of thin air.

chaletLots of cottages, trailers and gorgeous homes along the river. Some dwarf others while some were so hidden in behind the trees they were almost invisible. But each one had at least one spot through the trees for a view of the river.

There were many cottages high above the water with steps that would wear an old guy like me out before I ever reached the top. Okay if they had the BBQ going it would be much easier.


Then there were cottages that were down where the water was like this one that looks pretty cool and gets an excellent view of the river.

cormorant fishing
Some cormorants practicing diving for dinner.

There was about a dozen cormorants on this launch pad. As we got close and close one at a time they took to the air. Very cool to watch as seagulls and other birds tend to lift off at the same time. You can see the cormorant on the right is about to take off next but paused for the camera.

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