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Fishing, New Brunswick, Canada
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It’s been just over 30 years since I moved to New Brunswick Canada. Follow the link to learn the history of New Brunswick from Wikipedia. That way I don’t have to type everything in this section. No I’m not lazy, I just have a lot of traveling to do.

What Attracted Me To New Brunswick

I visited New Brunswick, Canada in 1974 to visit family I hadn’t seen since I was just 5 years old. I was blown away by all the gorgeous scenery, rivers and lakes. I had allowed a busy business life to get in the way of fishing, a hobby I used to so enjoy. What I saw on my trip revived that longing to go fishing and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

I returned in 1980 for another visit. On this trip brother-in-law Joe showed me how to use a fly rod and I was hooked, so much so I didn’t leave and I’m still here 30 years later with a beautiful wife a son and a dog, Honey.

I can’t get enough of New Brunswick. I’ve been fishing new places for years and years but still find new places to fish each year and new sites I haven’t seen.

I don’t think I will ever leave New Brunswick Canada, unless it’s only to visit.

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